Below is a link to this blog that blew my mind! Until I read this article, I didn’t realize the impact animal agriculture has on our environment. Choosing to eliminate meat from my diet was for better health and love for the animals, but now knowing how much bigger the picture is……it’s a no-brainer!

“The truth is you can do all your improvements with electricity, use as many Prius cars as possible and go as green as you want (which is a good thing), but you really aren’t going to make much difference in terms of global warming (weather instability), because carbon dioxide isn’t really the big problem. The big problem is methane.”  

We’re all in this together and it’s OUR responsibility to take care of our home. It may be a little bit unrealistic to stop using our car everyday, but it’s certainly easier to eliminate animal products, and we have all the reasons to do so; for better health and eliminating most diseases, to end the suffering of animals, save lives and feed the hungry, and to preserve the ecology :)

Check out Gabriel’s full blog at “Perspective on Global Warming.”


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