Thanks for visiting, I’m so happy to be sharing with you not only raw food recipes but also help in transition to and sustaining a healthy lifestyle! I will also be sharing important information about foods and their nutritional value as well as their environmental impact. My goal is to educate and inspire as many people as I can to transform their life through food and awareness. Welcome to The Raw Livestyle!  

I’ve always been a “health freak” and really active; I was a professional snowboarder for 10 years and chose that path for the need to be outdoors, to challenge myself, and to always follow my heart at whatever the cost. I’m passionate, stubborn, and love to break rules! When someone tells me I can’t I have to prove them otherwise.

Raw Food has been the best experiment for me and has literally changed my life! It brought me perspective and clarity to really think for myself (and not what the system wants you to believe.) So many changes happened since; I became more aware of my body, mind and spirit, all my priorities and goals shifted, I became more clear on my life purpose, and realized it’s all about giving and sharing. I now feel a huge sense of Community and this is all too good and important not to pass on, so here I am!

I’ve been experimenting with eating raw for almost 5 years and have more energy and strength than ever. I’m super active; I snowboard, mountain bike, hike, surf, and do Bikram Yoga. These are all pretty intense workouts and my diet fully supports it and more. I have more energy and recover faster! I figured out ways to fit my food prep into my schedule. In the winter I keep myself warm by heating up my food at low temperatures and making healthy soups. And budget wise, there’s absolutely no price on vitality and investing in your health.

My goal is to raise awareness and compassion through raw living foods; we’ve been asleep and distracted for way too long. What we’ve been putting into our bodies has been numbing and destructive. We’ve been sold on a false reality, the American Dream and the American Diet. It’s time to think Global Community and come together. I believe that by eating conscious foods, we can achieve clarity, love and peace. I hope that little by little we can together create Heaven on Earth!





  1. Love it..thank you so much! Definitely making the energy balls tomorrow

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