Raw Food Workshop at Kitchen Quickies!

Last night I led my second workshop of the month at Kitchen Quickies and we had 19 people! We made a Raw Chili with Cashew Sour Cream, and we also talked about the Global impact of a plant-based diet.Thanks to Daniel Jensen – Owner of Kitchen Quickies, the best food market in Squamish! kitchenquickies.com 

Here’s what we covered:
85% of all human diseases are caused by eating animal products.
We are NOT designed to eat animals and animal products. It’s a myth that we need animal protein to survive and to drink cow’s milk for calcium. It’s clinically and scientifically proven that animal protein and dairy increases the risk of many diseases like heart disease, auto-immune diseases, cancer and diabetes. A plant- based diet can prevent and reverse most diseases. Food is our medicine!
Farming is not the pretty picture of huge grassy fields where cows graze and enjoy life until they are killed for human survival. Most meat and dairy production is done under horrible conditions built only to “grow” the meat and produce the milk as fast and cost effectively as possible, and no measures are taken to give them comfort or peace. If Slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. Please watch Earthlings at earthlings.com
A plant-based diet ends animal cruelty, misery, and death.

Environment –The cow in the livingroom
Global Warming: Carbon dioxide (driving your car) is not the main cause of global warming. The main cause of global warming is animal agriculture. The big problem is methane; Methane comes 85% from cows burping and farting; this is a problem because there are to many cows and pigs on the planet. If everyone went vegan now, we’d have the opportunity to bring global warming to a halt—almost immediately.
The weather imbalances are a strong message of the existence of global warming.

Oil: A meat eater will use approximately 440 gallons of oil per year. If you’re a vegan you’re using about 200 gallons a year. If you’re an organic vegan, you’re using about 117 gallons of oil per year. If you stopped eating meat you would have a larger environmental impact than if you stopped driving. More environmental damage is done by animal agriculture than by the entire auto industry. And if you think about it it’s a heck of a lot easier to stop eating meat than to stop driving.

Water: The average meat eater uses 4,500 gallons per day, the average vegan uses 300 gallons per day. The average vegan saves 1.5 million gallons per year of water—a whole olympic swimming pool. 70% of the water we use is being used by the animal agriculture. A significant part of the rest of the water is being polluted by the animal agriculture. 50% of the world’s antibiotics go to animals to try to ameliorate the fact that they are raised in such cruel ways that they’re sick more often. Those antibiotics pollute the water, as do pesticides and herbicides, tanning acids, and a variety of different things; as does the incredible amount of defecation that comes from the animals.  One pig farm causes as much defecation by-products as the entire population of New York City.

Organic Farming: Organic farming actually pulls carbon dioxide out of the air and into the soil. By eating organic vegan you’re actually repairing the situation. It’s one thing to stop global warming, it is even better to heal the imbalance. 3,700 pounds per acre of carbon dioxide per year are pulled out of the atmosphere and put back into the soil with organic farming and it takes approximately 63% less energy.
Rain Forests: We lose 20 million acres to deforestation each year for the expansion of animal agriculture and we have about 50 million acres going into desert per year.  That’s the state of the planet—turning into desert. The planet can’t take too much more before she’s going to rebel.
Not only are we losing the rainforest itself but because of that about a thousand species die each year.  For every burger eaten, we lose 55 square feet of rainforest.  For every two billion fast-food burgers, another 100 species go extinct.
The cows take up 70 percent of the agricultural land and 30 % of the landmass that is being used on the planet. The excretion of the cows is 130 times more than the human excretion on the planet.

Feeding The Hungry
There is an estimated 40 to 60 million people who starve to death each year and close to one billion are suffering from malnutrition. It takes 16 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat. The estimates are that if meat eaters cut down their meat consumption by 10% there would be enough grain released to feed all those 40 to 60 million people. Animal agriculture is a powerful lobby and the people profiting from it are making a choice to sell meat than feed the human population. In the end it’s really us who can make the decision.

The Big Picture
As we expand to a bigger vision, we begin to see that what we eat literally affects who lives and dies as well as the survival of the planet. We are lucky enough to have choices that begin with us and what we eat and not the food corporations or the politicians.
If everyone decides to go vegan the global warming game is over. We have the power.  It would be nice if the politicians would help out a little bit and make the appropriate governmental adjustments, but we have the power to do it without them.
The question is, are we willing to go out of our comfort zone?

“May we all be blessed to be willing to go out of our comfort zones to heal ourselves and to heal the planet.  Blessings to your children and your grandchildren’s health and the health of all creatures, and the health of the planet. Amen.”
-Rabbi Gabriel Cousens M.D.



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