The first time I combined doing yoga while eating raw food for a significant amount of time was in Bali while taking a Yoga Teacher Training. The program was a month long and we had a raw food Chef for that period creating delicious raw meals everyday for us. The physical benefits were unbelievable; it allowed me to feel light on my feet, energized, and willing to move energy flow. I also experienced healing by letting the true power of my body take charge and eliminating toxins. My body grew stronger, my mind got clearer, and felt a really strong spiritual connection. I made it a goal since then to consume raw food and include yoga in my daily routine as much as possible.  

Yoga is essential to human’s well-being and longevity; It’s an intelligent workout, and helps to continuously peel layers and deepen our spiritual experience. And by consuming foods from Mother Nature, we are working in harmony with our body, mind and spirit. When we finally stop working against our body’s natural intelligence, miracles happen.

Another great principle of Yoga is Ahimsa (Non-Violence), and that applies for both thought and action. It’s one thing to be non-violent towards each other, but going deeper really is a thought process; how often do we catch ourselves having hateful thoughts about someone else? This type of mental violence is much more difficult to bring under control than physical violence but is the most important, because if we can bring our thoughts under control then our actions are more likely to live up to our values.

And by eating a plants-based diet, we don’t participate to the ongoing suffering and slaughtering of animals. We are living in harmony with nature, the animals, and ourselves.

Thanks to Bikram Yoga Sea To Sky!

photography – Kat Siepmann




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