CHEF to MARKET – The Power of Local Farmers and Community

Yesterday was the weekly farmer’s market in Squamish and I was invited to demonstrate how to create a raw nutritious meal using ingredients available to buy at the market. I made a zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, which turned out amazing! I’m giving props to the farmers for providing the most tasty and fresh produce; it really takes a dish to the next level – for taste as well as nutritious value.

Supporting your local farmers and farmers market is something I strongly believe in. I think there’s nothing more powerful when it comes down to the well being of our environment as a whole; first of all we are getting the most nutritious value from the produce which support our health and Awareness. The food comes from a short distance away, which means less fuel has been burned to get to market. Local farms are small and less motorized machinery are used. Supporting local farmers also means you are supporting your local economy. Supporting your community is a great feeling; it builds friendships and a real sense of support and connection.

Thanks to all the local farmers for putting your love and integrity into our food. BIG thanks to Carolyn Morris for all your hard work and dedication in joining our community together – You are a hero :)



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