Raw Food Workshop in Seattle: New friends, yummy food

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My raw workshop in Seattle was a lot of work, but fully worth it!!! Much like an excellent dish, there was plenty of preparation and work, all made worth it by the payoff of sharing good food with friends.

Seattle is such an incredible place for those interested in health, food, and environment, and was such a cool location for my workshop where i was able to share tips for living raw. With the help of Air, Puget Sound Creative, MAKERS, and Bluewater Vodka the workshop was a complete success: inspirational, instructive, social and fun.

I was blown away by MAKERS, where the event was held at. Those new to raw foods were surprised to find a menu that included my raw flat bread pizza, yummy drinks and raw cheesecake. As we ate, the looks on the girls faces said it all! At that point I thought to myself “mission accomplish!”

Once convinced of how good raw food can be, the group ate up the tips and recipes during the workshop. I explained the “what”, “why”, and “how” of raw food, I shared my story on when I got into it and how it changed my life. The girls were amazed how simple recipes—green smoothies, raw almond milk and cereals—could taste so good! I loved this group of girls, they were sweet and they asked a lot of questions! My goal for this event was to show the ladies how gourmet and complex raw food can be, but still doable for all.

Seattle’s workshop had it all: good food, learning and new friends. I am reminded that while the wellness benefits of living raw are often personal, the social good and relationships formed through sharing raw food make it all the more appealing. Big thank you to our generous sponsor AIR, for the Air Inspired Refresher.


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