Derek Tresize Making Gains with Vegan Diet

Raw diet at work!

Derek is truly inspiring, taking two contradictory ideas, vegan diets and bodybuilding, and paving a healthier way to excel in the sport of bodybuilding. With biceps the size of cannonballs, bodybuilder Derek Tresize placed in the top three of his class at the NANBF Championships here in Seattle. Bodybuilding for the past 5 years, he converted to a plant-based diet at the age of 19, and saw his overall performance in sports like football, cross country, powerlifting, and kayaking improve across the board.

Having a diet requiring 6000 calories a day, it’s astounding to know that Derek earned his muscle mass through a raw vegan diet. It is a common prenotion that vegans have a protein deficiency, but as Derek proves, plants provide all the protein anyone would need. “Animals consume massive amounts of resources and essentially convert plant protein into its own muscle tissue, so why not just skip the middle man?”

And it makes sense; Many people are oblivious to the fact that the broccoli they had for dinner has twice as much protein per calorie than the steak next it (11.2g vs 5.4g per 100 calories). It’s clear that the issue here is not a lack of protein, but a lack of knowledge.

Only plants can make the amino acids that are essential to our beings from scratch, and after being consumed by animals, they are stripped of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in place of cholesterol and a litany of environmental contaminants, which are then consumed by us. “I tried going 30 days without touching [animal products], and I noticed right away, aside from food cravings, I felt much cleaner. That’s the best word — you feel cleaner inside. Then, after the 30 days, I went back to trying to eat those foods again, and they made me really sick. And so that was kind of a wake-up call.”

Check out his website to get in contact and learn more about vegan bodybuilding and overall wellness!


Body courtesy of raw foods!




  1. Laura says:

    You look amazing! I am new to this fabulous world of veganism & am wondering if you could show me what a typical day of food is for you? I know I don’t need 6000 calories as I don’t workout half as hrs as you, but I’m super interested.
    Thanks so much, Laura

    • priscilla says:

      Thank you Laura! It’s funny you bring up this question because I am actually planning on posting a typical day of what I eat. I’ve had many people asking me this same question recently so I thought I’d do a blog on it. So stay tuned! BTW I go through periods where I’m really active but certainly not all the time. And you will notice that as long as you stick with a plant-based (mostly raw) diet, the amount of calories don’t matter anymore because your body recognizes the food and knows exactly what to do with it. I used to always keep track of the amount of calories/fat I consumed everyday, but not anymore! And my body’s at it’s perfect weight, it’s a great piece of mind :)

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