Karen McGregor “Ignite Your Life Purpose” Retreat

What a great weekend! There is nothing more fulfilling for me than to be preparing food that nourishes the body and souls of people. It is my way of nurturing them and expressing my love. When Karen McGregor invited me to be a part of her retreat she said it was really important to feed her guests plant-based food. This would allow them to be in their body and go into their heart to connect with their life’s purpose. It was pretty amazing to watch and feel the energy in the room as people were shedding some layers and uncovering truth. Karen’s work is really powerful and much needed in our world. My goal was to make the food as healthy and yummy as possible. On the first day I served them a warm curry-yam stew with raw almond “toast” for lunch. For dinner we had a raw mexican fiesta with chocolate cake and caramel sauce for dessert. On Sunday I prepared some delicious spring rolls with my favourite ginger dipping sauce and we had cheesecake with double berry sauce to top it off. Everyone loved the food!

Karen is also in the process of writing another book in which she plans on including my story in it so she asked me to share it with everyone. I always get a little nervous to speak in front of a group but then I remind myself that this message is bigger than me so I step out of my comfort zone and I just do it. I really grow from it every single time. It was such a welcoming group, and I really admire them for making this process a priority in their life.

If you’re interested in finding out about Karen, you can visit her website at karenmcgregor.ca




  1. Treena says:

    Best food I have ever tasted! So grateful I got to experience your skills & expertise! I want to learn more and pass you on to others! I truly believe in creating prosperous partnerships!

    Looking forward to chatting more and learning more and passing you onto others!

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