Last night’s raw Holiday Workshop at Kitchen Quickies

I just want to say thanks to all the ladies who joined us last night for our Holiday’s workshop. I think everyone loved the food and most importantly they feel like they can easily make it at home. One lady even commented that this was the best pumpkin pie she’s ever had in her life! We also made Carrot Cake, Chocolate-Mint Patties, Christmas Chocolates and Caramel Apples. It’s so awesome to have healthy alternatives for sweets, now we can have our cake AND eat it too!

Thanks to my friend Elise Aspa for assisting me and big thanks to Kitchen Quickies!!




  1. This looks like it was so much fun! Do you have all the recipes on your site? I am really intrigued by the chocolate mint patties. While I can’t eat too much chocolate, I find that anything chocolate will draw others in to try it. I will use any means to get people interested in raw foods. I made a raw carrot cake the other night for my daughter’s dance studio open house. People were amazed at how good it was! There were many that were gluten-intolerant that were also grateful that there was something there they could eat. One woman told me she normally doesn’t even look at the food tables any more because there is never anything on there she can eat. Keep up the good work!

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