I love food! And I love life… Like meditation or yoga; living foods can be another channel to feel connected and get our feet grounded to the Earth. Raw Food changed my life but more accurately said, it has helped clean the window of my soul. I am excited to to be sharing some of my knowledge and experience I have with Raw Food. I hope to inspire and to guide you through your raw journey. Together we can give Peace to animals, become Aware, and truly Love each other. Yes, I believe in Heaven on Earth.

To Raise Awareness And Compassion Through Raw Living Foods.

Motivate people to take charge of their own health by giving them tools and confidence to achieve a sustainable lifestyle diet.

People: I wish for people to reach optimal health; physically, mentally, and spiritually in order to feel alive, open, and to connect with each other and their environment as a whole.

Organic Vegan Wholefoods: I believe in sustainable eating, not only for ourselves but for the love of the planet and the animals.

Peace: By achieving clarity of the mind, I believe we can truly love ourselves and others, and cause minimal harm as possible.

  • Health – Our level of health is the core of every state and expression of our being and has a huge impact on our life experience. Physical activities, high frequency foods, and positive thinking are essential to achieve a state of fulfillment and joy. We must heal, purify our mind and develop Self-Awareness.
  • Education – Education is key to every moral and decision-making and will shape an entire well being of a person, society, environment and global economy. We take responsibility by educating ourselves, and share it with others.
  • Integrity – I believe we can create a life of substance by consuming authentic and high nutrient foods. When our bodies, minds, and spirits are nurtured, it reflects everywhere in our life; our relationships, our values, our attitudes, and basically our whole “life experience”.
  • Compassion – By realizing and becoming sensitive to our surrounding, we think twice before making any decision that may harm another being or the planet. There is a shift that automatically happens inside when making choices like switching to vegan; a tremendous feeling of self-love and respect expands in our heart, which allows us to pass on that energy to others.
  • Balance – It’s important to start where you are on your journey and not feel pressure to make drastic changes. Be supportive of yourself and let the progression happen naturally, it is much more sustainable that way. Be patient, positive, and trust that you will get to wherever you set your goals to be.



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