Easy, quick, yummy and Raw!!

All you do is soak about 3/4 Cup of buckwheat overnight. In the morning drain and rinse really well.
Put into Vita-Mix or blender with 4-5 dates, cinnamon and water (or nut milk). Pour into a bowl and throw in some bananas or blueberries and chia seeds if you like.




“The China Study is the most important book on nutrition and health to come out in the last 75 years. Everyone should read it, and it should be the model for all nutrition programs taught at universities. The reading is engrossing if not astounding. The science is conclusive. Dr. Campbell’s integrity and commitment to truthful education shine through.”

-David Klein, Publisher/Editor of Living Nutrition Magazine




Simple and convenient! I usually keep julienne vegetables, avocados and sunflower sprouts in the fridge. I also make a batch of ginger sunflower pate, this way it’s quick and easy to make the rolls when I’m on the go. This dish is also beautiful to bring at a dinner party. (Recipe from “Delightfully Raw” by Carmella’s Sunny Raw Kitchen.)   [Read more...]




This recipe is from Sarma’s book called “Living Raw Food”. I use it as a base and add my own flavors to it. I tried 3 different kinds: Peppermint, Nutella and Chai (which has Indian spices in them such as ginger, masala and cinnamon..) You can get creative and add any flavor you wish… Careful though, if you eat to many they might keep you up all night..   [Read more...]


“Earthlings” The Truth About Animals

Make the Connection. EARTHLINGS.com

This documentary was the biggest wake-up call for me personally. In fact, after seeing what really goes on in slaughterhouses as well as what’s behind fur and leather, I made the final decision to go vegan and to never buy leather or fur again. This is the type of education and awareness that we really need so we can all make conscious choices and create a positive future. Thanks to Joaquin Phoenix (who’s been a vegan his whole life) for making this happen :)


Raw Thailand – Morning Bowl

I love Thai food and this might be my favorite raw breakfast!

Single serving:
1/4 Pineapple, diced
1/2 Grapefruit, use pink flesh only
1 Teaspoon Ginger, minced
1/3 Banana thinly sliced
1 Teaspoon Cinnamon
1 Date soaked for 20 minutes, chopped
1 tablespoon Basil, chopped
1 Teaspoon Hemp or Almond Milk
Hemp Seeds (or sesame seeds)

In a bowl, combine all ingredients together, welcome to Thailand!

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