Raw Food for your Kids Lunchbox!

Come learn how to make raw food for your kids lunch box!
Easy, fun, and YUMMY!!


CHEF to MARKET – The Power of Local Farmers and Community

Yesterday was the weekly farmer’s market in Squamish and I was invited to demonstrate how to create a raw nutritious meal using ingredients available to buy at the market. I made a zucchini pasta with marinara sauce, which turned out amazing! I’m giving props to the farmers for providing the most tasty and fresh produce; it really takes a dish to the next level – for taste as well as nutritious value.

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We had another successful and wonderful evening in Whistler on Tuesday night! Chef Sarah Uy and I served a fresh and delicious 4-course meal; coconut-curry soup to start, spring rolls with ginger dipping sauce, followed by a beautiful pad-thai and finished nicely with an amazing coconut crepe filled with fresh fruits, vanilla creme and raspberry sauce. No wonder we sold out…again!

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How to make Home-Made Almond Milk

The RawLivestyle at the Squamish Farmers Market

One reason I love Squamish so much is for the community. There’s really something about living in a town where people care and are supporting each other however they can. There is also a lot of talent and creativity in this area, and the Farmers Market really brings out the best! [Read more...]

About The Raw Livestyle

For those of you new to the website or new to raw food in general, check out this video that i put together to help explain raw foods in my words.

Come learn how to make yummy raw deserts with me!



The first time I combined doing yoga while eating raw food for a significant amount of time was in Bali while taking a Yoga Teacher Training. The program was a month long and we had a raw food Chef for that period creating delicious raw meals everyday for us. The physical benefits were unbelievable; it allowed me to feel light on my feet, energized, and willing to move energy flow. I also experienced healing by letting the true power of my body take charge and eliminating toxins. My body grew stronger, my mind got clearer, and felt a really strong spiritual connection. I made it a goal since then to consume raw food and include yoga in my daily routine as much as possible.   [Read more...]

Absolutely beautiful…and just the way life was meant to be.

Raw Food Workshop at Kitchen Quickies!

Last night I led my second workshop of the month at Kitchen Quickies and we had 19 people! We made a Raw Chili with Cashew Sour Cream, and we also talked about the Global impact of a plant-based diet.Thanks to Daniel Jensen – Owner of Kitchen Quickies, the best food market in Squamish! kitchenquickies.com  [Read more...]

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