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Preparation: We all have different lifestyles, backgrounds, and schedules. The best way is to be prepared and go easy on yourself. I don’t suggest switching to 100% raw overnight, but to start with ‘adding’ raw food to your current diet and watch the natural changes happen and old cravings disappear.

Breakfasts are a great place to start and there are many delicious and easy recipes out there such as smoothies, buckwheat breakfasts, nut shakes, chia pudding, cereals and granola,  and they all take under 10 minutes! When you get into it a little deeper you can start making simple meals and snacks, then start bringing your lunch with you and have snacks handy everywhere you go.

Tools: You can start simple at first and good chances are that you probably have some of the tools in your kitchen already. (Visit my Raw Food Supplies & Tools shop for these and other tools!)

  • Blender: If you don’t already have one, the blender is pretty basic and allows you to make smoothies, soups, puddings, nut milks/shakes etc. Eventually you’ll definitely want to step up to a Vita-Mix which is much more powerful and will take your recipes and textures to a whole new level.
  • Food Processor: The food processor is the tool I use the most next to my Vita-Mix, I typically use it to make recipes like pie crusts, cookies, cakes, pates, chili etc.

Down the road you’ll start thinking about investing in a juicer, dehydrator, spiroli, and all sorts of kitchen gadgets for making gourmet raw food recipes like pizza, pasta, crackers, wraps, tortilla chips, kale chips etc.
But lets start with baby steps and work on building your foundation.

Research and Educate Yourself: Eating a raw vegan diet doesn’t automatically mean it’s healthy, there are still certain things to consider in order to achieve balance and optimal health;

  • Leafy Greens: Always include lots of leafy greens such as Kale, Chard and Spinach. A great way to consume them is by juicing or making green smoothies (mixed with fruits).
  • Fat: Go easy on the nuts and seeds, soaking them is key to help with digestion. Depending on your physical activity level, you always want to moderate your fat content all together, and try sticking to fat from whole foods (such as avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds etc) as much as possible.
  • Sugar: A Raw food diet consists of natural sugars only (such as fresh fruits, dried fruits, agave, honey, coconut sugar etc.) There’s no doubt you’re going to LOVE all the raw deserts and find them even tastier than regular deserts. Just keep in mind that good sugar is still “sugar”, and eventually you’ll want to eat it moderately.
  • B-12: I strongly recommend taking B-12 supplements, since it’s one of the most important yet challenging vitamin to find in a vegan diet. You can get your B-12 by injection, capsules, or what Dr. Gabriel Cousens recommends is taking Nano B-complex which is a living B12 B-complex made by bacteria. It’s liquid taken orally twice a day. You can order it through The Three Of Life. For more information on B-12, please read this article with Dr. Gabriel Cousens on the Importance of Supplementing With Vitamin B12.

Fortunately today we have abundance of resources available to us through the internet and books. You can get a pretty basic understanding in a fairly short amount of time. I recommend getting your information from legitimized sources, keep up with my blog posts and here’s a list of non intimidating books that will help as a guideline.

Books:  (These books and others are available in my Raw Food Bookstore.)

  • Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet
  • Raw For Deserts by Jennifer Conbleet
  • Ani’s Raw Food Essentials: Recipes and Techniques for Mastering the Art of Live Food by Ani Phyo
  • Raw Family Signature Dishes by Victoria Boutenko
  • Green Smoothie Revolution by Victoria Boutenko

Coaching And Support: I’m there to support you with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can contact me if you wish to get a consultation or schedule a hands-on private session. Or you can simply follow my blog posts and recipes and see how it goes. If you need more support and motivation you can also google “Meet Up Groups” in your area and type in “Raw Food”, or “Vegan”, “Vegetarian”. They usually organize events and share great info on the subject.

The key is to create space for a supportive environment. Trying to accomplish it all on your own can become overwhelming, and being a minority can be discouraging as well. By having a support group and guidance, you have a much better chance to stay motivated and inspired.

The deeper you get into this healthy lifestyle, the more positive life-changes you willexperience, it’s addicting! Remember “You Are What You Eat” and not only on a physical level; by eating high-frequency foods, your energy vibrates in the space of love and creation where you can attract more positivity and manifest your dreams, it’s like a whole other dimension!

For more information or to book a Coaching Session check out my Services page or Book now.

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