SEED Event with David Wolfe

The main reason I was going to the SEED Event was to hear David Wolfe speak. When we first got to the stadium we ran into him and got a chance to speak for a minute. He was sipping on his Chaga mushroom tea and had the biggest smile on his face. His energy was grand, solid, and very heart warming. There was a holistic power about him where I could feel a connection verses a separation and I loved that about him. To me that shows how David Wolfe is walking his talk and is really here for the people. I shared my gratitude for all the inspiration and knowledge I had gained from him over the years and I also asked him an important question that I get a lot from people; do people with blood type-O HAVE to eat meat? He said no. The only difference is type-O’s have a higher tolerance to meat (and junk food in general) but absolutely don’t need meat to be healthy. David is a Type O himself and has been on a plant-based diet for over 20 years. He mentioned that grains and beans aren’t ideal for blood type-O. He also said that people with blood type-A who eat meat are guaranteed to loose 20 to 25 years of their lives since they have very little tolerance for it. Crazy!! His speech was incredible, funny, and super empowering. Thank you David Wolfe :)

The rest of the day was filled with live music, raw/superfoods, and AMAZING speakers such as Adam McLeod, Gerald Celente, Jeffrey Armstrong and Deepak Chopra. The whole event was all about inspiring, educating, and empowering people to think for themselves, take charge of their own health, connecting with their inner power, and live through their heart. Gerald Clemente, the #1 Trend Forecaster in the World really let it rip on how our world is being run by “money junkies” (politicians), and gave the people great advice on how to prepare for the future. Jeffrey Armstrong, Western Master of Eastern Wisdom opened the hearts of every soul in the audience and got everybody to chant and go into their heart, a place called home… I had tears. Adam McLeod, the World’s Most In Demand Healer gave out some really powerful tools on how to work with our own body energy in order to heal ourselves. We missed Deepak Chopra, but I’m sure it was an enlightening experience.

I am so grateful for this experience! Events like these give me hope and confidence that the world can really transform into a positive and loving space, and this vision is the world I want to bring children to someday J

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