Raw Food for your Kids Lunchbox!

Come learn how to make raw food for your kids lunch box!
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How to make Home-Made Almond Milk


The RawLivestyle at the Squamish Farmers Market

One reason I love Squamish so much is for the community. There’s really something about living in a town where people care and are supporting each other however they can. There is also a lot of talent and creativity in this area, and the Farmers Market really brings out the best! [Read more...]


About The Raw Livestyle

For those of you new to the website or new to raw food in general, check out this video that i put together to help explain raw foods in my words.


Come learn how to make yummy raw deserts with me!




The first time I combined doing yoga while eating raw food for a significant amount of time was in Bali while taking a Yoga Teacher Training. The program was a month long and we had a raw food Chef for that period creating delicious raw meals everyday for us. The physical benefits were unbelievable; it allowed me to feel light on my feet, energized, and willing to move energy flow. I also experienced healing by letting the true power of my body take charge and eliminating toxins. My body grew stronger, my mind got clearer, and felt a really strong spiritual connection. I made it a goal since then to consume raw food and include yoga in my daily routine as much as possible.   [Read more...]




OAT GROAT BREAKFAST – Better than Oatmeal!

This one is my ultimate favorite for breakfast! I love the texture and the taste is similar to oatmeal but even better! Oat groats are high in protein and fiber which makes it an excellent breakfast before going for any physical activities. You can replace the water for nut milk and add your favorite fruits. I sometimes use almond milk, chopped apples and raisins for a traditional taste. [Read more...]



I wanted to talk about these incredibly nutritious little seeds called Chia. Not only are they loaded of calcium, fiber and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but they also contain a high concentration of easily digestible protein. By soaking them in water, they swell and become gelatinous which makes them extremely filling, while keeping you hydrated.  [Read more...]


Come and learn how to make Raw Food with me!

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