Proposition 37 – Right to Know What’s in Our Food


Vote YES on PROP 37. This gives us the right to know what is in our food. Ever wonder, then not know where to go to find out? You should just go the the label. Pesticide and junk-food companies say it’s too costly to add another label to their products Yet spend millions of dollars trying to convince us otherwise. Their greed and hunger for financial gain puts our health at risk. So, proposition 37 requires food companies to label their food products with all ingredients including GMOs, which are currently not indicated.

Since the whole point is to know and like what is in our food; if the label provides us with information we don’t know or like we’re probably not going to eat it. Companies have to know this and hopefully, with the approval of Prop 37, will push them towards removing chemically processed/ genetically engineered ingredients. Then, they won’t have anything too scary for us to read or try to understand on those shinny new labels.

50 countries around the world already provide their consumers with said information. As Americans, choosiest of the choosers, we have to right to make fully informed food choices. Vote YES on Prop 37.

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