10 Tasty Ways To Eat Your Way Through Portugal

1. Sopa de Cação (Dogfish Soup)

A fish marinated in coriander, lemon & garlic brought to a boil, and often eaten with bread is exactly how this Portuguese cuisine is cooked and relished. Desired or not, this is definitely the best thing to order and start your meal with, especially because of its unique and toothsome taste. If not as a starter, you can also try and have it like a separate dish.

2. Bacalhau (Codfish)

Codfish, which is popularly known as bacalhau in Portuguese, is not just an ordinary traditional cuisine, but is rather the national food of Portugal (unofficially). Often a concoction of onions, chips, cod, egg, and parsley, it’s an all time favorite amongst the locals, which is why you may come across various Portuguese recipes for this appetizer. Needless to say, whether it’s Christmas or not, you ought to order this!

3. Cataplana de Marisco (Seafood stew)

Cataplana de Marisco is an extraordinary Portuguese dish as the seafood stew is cooked in a copper double-pan and is served with either rice or chips. Originally prepared the best way in the region of Algarve, it can now be savoured at multiple eateries across the country, especially the popular ones in Lisbon. If you’re a seafood lover, this one has to be on your platter!

4. Francesinha (Little Frenchie Sandwich)

The signature dish of Porto, francesinha is Portugal’s own, redefined way of making the ham and cheese sandwich. But, the only major difference is that it isn’t a regular one! Comprising of two bread slices with steak, ham, sausage & chorizo, and dressed with melted Edam & spicy tomato sauce, this sandwich is an absolute gastronomic delight.

5. Porco Preto (Black Pork)

A native Iberian specie, the black pig or porco preto is the secret behind many lip-smacking Portuguese dishes. This is one popular local cuisine, which you should definitely try in Portugal if you wish to have the authentic taste. Be it the pata negra smoked ham or just the grilled porco preto on a stick, the smoky flavor is certainly hard to resist.

6. Polvo à Lagareiro (Baked Octopus)

Of all the things to do in Portugal, tasting the Polvo à Lagareiro, which is a dish comprising of a roasted octopus is a must. The octopus is first boiled and then baked with mashed potatoes in garlic and olive oil before it is finally served. This is certainly one of the most popular and lip-smacking Portuguese cuisines to have if the foodie in you wishes to savour the best of seafood in Portugal.

7. Posta Mirandesa (Beef Steak)

If France has chateaubriand steak and Italy’s famous for their fiorentina steak, Portugal will leave you impressed with its posta mirandesa. Consisting of a thick tenderloin beef steak, which is cooked over a strong fire, this dish is one of the best the country has in store to offer. The finger-licking good taste of the steak would surely leave you drooling for more, even after you’re too full.

8. Pastel de nata (Custard-Egg Tarts)

Just like its appetizers, Portugal also has an impeccable range of desserts. One of the most famous across its regions is undeniably pastel de nata, which is a tart filled with egg yolk and custard. These crispy yet delicious pastries are savoured all across the country, both as a side with coffee and a quick sweet snack after dinner. So, if you’re a lover of tarts, this is what you need to eat!

9. Alheira de Mirandela (Smoked Sausage)

Alheira is a type of smoked sausage, which is commonly eaten across all the regions and has become a famous Portuguese street food over the years. Often served with fried eggs and fries, this dish is also one of the cheapest cuisines to have in the country. Its smoky and garlicky taste would surely titillate your taste buds.

10. Caldo Verde (Green Soup)

A popular traditional cuisine, caldo verde is a Portuguese soup, which is made of potatoes, onions, kale, and pork sausages. Though, the best thing about this soup is that it can be relished both as an appetizer and as an after supper snack. The creaminess and toothsome flavor of this soup has made it a favorite amongst locals, which is also the reason why you may come across its name almost everywhere.